Individuals may apply for a UK entrepreneur Visa to come to the UK to start a new business. A Startup visa is for those who wish to start a completely new business and do not have any business track record, however, they have an entrepreneurial spirit.  Starting a new business in a new country is a challenge, but our team of lawyers can make the process smooth and can obtain the visa within three months’ time. 

Our Business Visas team have in-depth knowledge about entrepreneur Visa to understand the application and very quickly find the flaws and vulnerabilities in the application. Therefore, we have an eye on identifying the successful applications. Our team will prepare the applications as well as check and overview the applications prepared by our clients (document checking service). 

Unlike other companies, we do not just advise our clients on the law and meet the regulatory criteria, we also prepare the application in light of the Home Office Interview to make each and every step successful. We assist our clients in getting the correct business plan which can be endorsed by the endorsement body.

We offer a free consultation for Start-Up visa services and can guide you regarding the business plan, endorsing bodies and can assist you to get the endorsement for your business plan. 

Contact our team of Solicitors to book the free consultation. 


Before making an application, an individual must check if they have the correct supporting documents, one of those important documents is an endorsed business plan which must demonstrate that the business is sustainable and scalable. There are no one-fits-all criteria, and the Home Office will determine the application based on the strength of the business plan and the applicant’s background and knowledge of the business plan as well as commerce.

Our Start-up Visa Team not only understands what types of a business plan the Home Office Caseworkers consider suitable but also keeps the knowledge of the Home Office current reaction to certain types of applications, which means that we can detect any signs of failure at an early stage and can advise our clients to fix those issues to avoid any refusal. 

We also provide a document checking service at a fixed fee of £399 and can review the application, this will allow minimising the risk of refusal. 

You can switch to the UK Start-up visa if you are already in the UK 

Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneurs) who have just graduated; Tier 2 Migrants; Tier 4 (General) Students; and Business Visitors.


Our Start-up visa team has a successful track record of achieving a positive outcomes for our clients.  This is because we carefully analyse what documentation is required for each client’s application. And we make certain that you have our full support in putting them together. We have strong working ties with several of the UK’s endorsing bodies; we understand all of these bodies very well.

If our clients are referred to any of those endorsement bodies, then it makes their journey smooth and successful. As we have built rapport and strong working relationships with the organisations in the past several years.  

We assist you in meeting the following criteria as part of your start-up visa application:

1) You must have a business plan which is endorsed by the government-approved endorsement body,

Our team can assist you in preparing the business plan.

2) You must have passed the English Language test at a level of B2 in the Common European Framework or above,

We can introduce you to an excellent English Language Course provider that offers free English language skills assessment. 

3)You must demonstrate that you have sufficient finances to support yourself and any dependents. Before you apply, you must have had at least £1270 in your bank account for 28 days in a recognised financial institution. 

– There is no need for minimum investment required for this visa.


Applying from outside the UK is £363.

Applying from inside the UK is £493.

The fee and the Health Surcharge cost will vary if you are applying with the dependents


You will receive 2 years of leave to remain in the UK; this will be extended for another 3 years. Once you will complete 5 years, you will be eligible to apply for Indefinite leave to remain in the UK. 

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