European visas are the requirements for people who may wish to come to Europe and are outside the European Union. The EEA countries and Switzerland constitute a European free movement area (European Union). Nationals of all these countries can take advantage of European free movement law, which enables them to travel to all the countries in the free movement area without hindrance.

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Visa-free entry for European citizens

EU Union countries’ citizens usually do not require European visas to enter any country in the free movement area. Because they are allowed to come as tourists or to work or study. If they are working or studying or financially self-sufficient, they are deemed to be exercising European Treaty rights. 

Visa Requirements for Non-EU Nationals

When a European national exercises treaty rights, this gives free movement rights to non-European family members of such a nation, but unlike the European national, the non-European family member requires a visa to enable them to travel across borders to prove their entitlement to free movement. Furthermore, citizens from other countries may apply for a Schengen visa to visit Europe. These Schengen visas can be long-stay visas or short-stay visas. 

EEA Family Permit

A non-European family member can get a 6-month EEA Family Permit to join their European family member in the UK. The visa is called an “EEA Family Permit”, and it is issued for six months. Non-European family members who are already in the UK with their European family members can apply for an “EEA Residence Card” visa, which is valid for five years.

EEA Residence Card

A migrant who comes to the UK on an EEA Family Permit may wish to apply for an EEA Residence Card because EEA Family Permit is due to expire to allow them to travel in and out of the UK and to prove their immigration status. In addition, A European national may be eligible for permanent residence (i.e., the right to live in the UK on a permanent basis) after having exercised European Treaty rights in the UK for five continuous years.

Permanent Residence for Non-EU Family Members in The UK

A non-European family member may be eligible for permanent residence after having been in the UK for five continuous years with their European family member who has been exercising European Treaty rights. Also, permanent residence is a prerequisite for qualifying for British naturalisation. There is no English language requirement for European visas.

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