Tier 4 and Short-Term Study permits enable students from outside the EEA – either children or adults – to come to the UK for school study, college or university study or short courses. Visitor visa holders are also allowed – in some circumstances – to study short courses. Our lawyers at Lexmark Legal Associates can give you the advice to submit a successful application under the following categories of Tier 4 visa:Tier 4 General Student Visa

General student visa is designed under points-based system. As an adult student under this category you must obtain 40 points. 30 points can be achieved by providing acceptance letter from an authorized UK institution or college, while 10 points will be proof of having enough funds.

Once your application is approved, you will be able to stay in UK to complete your course for the defined period of time. You will also be eligible to stay in UK for a short time after completing your stay, but you must leave UK except you have applied for visa extension or another immigration category.Tier 4 Child Student Visa

Child visitor category is for those who are under 18 and wish to study in UK for maximum 6 months. To be eligible for this category you must possess enough funds to bear your expenses in UK including you transport, accommodation and return journey. If the child wishes to study longer than 6 months, he/she then must apply for Tier 4 child student visa, which is also based on points system.Short-Term Study Visa

If you are more than 18 years of age and wish to join a short course up to 6 months, you can apply for visa under this category. To be eligible for this Tier 4 student visa you must possess sufficient funds to bear all your expenses including stay and return journey. In case you want to study for longer period then you must apply for Tier 4 General visa as mentioned above.Why to consult a lawyer for Tier 4 Study Visa

Sixty percent of individuals who wish to study in UK, normally make mistakes in their application and get rejected. A careful application review and an expert advice increase your chances for successful visa. If you are unable to meet some of visa requirements, our lawyers can provide useful advice.

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