British citizenship confers the right to live in the UK on a permanent basis and to enter the UK border without hindrance. It also confers the right to work or study and to receive state benefits that the applicant is eligible for. It also grants the right to vote in the elections and to stand for the election as an MP. Also, It is highly recommended to seek legal advice if you are looking for the guidelines to apply for British citizenship. We have a dedicated team of immigration solicitors that can guide you based on your specific needs and scenario.

Routes towards British citizenship

Adult migrants may be able to acquire British citizenship through a process of naturalisation. There are two different routes for this. In the first route, the applicant applies on the basis that they have lived lawfully in the UK for at least five continuous years and, additionally, that they have held indefinite leave to remain for at least one year.

In the second route, the applicant applies on the basis that they have lived lawfully in the UK for at least three continuous years, that they are married to a British citizen, and that they hold indefinite leave to remain at the time of application.


  • Applicants should not break any immigrant law.
  • Should not spend more than 450 days outside the UK
  • Fulfil the English Requirements
  • Life in the UK Test

Children (i.e. under the age of 18) may also apply for British citizenship under a process called registration, and the rules for this are more flexible.

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