Have you been running a successful business in your home country for the past year and you are now interested in expanding your business in the UK?. A sole representative business visa permits an individual to open up a branch in the UK. The visa lies under following conditions:

  • Your business must be already established outside UK
  • The only purpose is to open a branch or expand business in UK
  • Only one person or company member can hold representative visa, any additional member must attempt work visa
  • The intention to  enter in UK should not be for personal gain
  • You are not willing to move your business operations to UK
What you must know:

Your company need to understand that you can not move your business completely to UK. Also you are only eligible to send one person as representative in the UK. Initially 2 years of visa will be issued, later on it can extend to 5 years. In case your company appoints any other business representative, or the company circumstances have been changed, you can still continue to live in the UK as sole representative employee-In such situation you must have been living in UK for at least 2 years as the business representative.

Business Representative Visa Requirements:

To attempt business representative visa you must been follow the requirements below:

You must be employed by the company on a managerial or any senior position and must hold responsibility to make decisions for the company independently. You must hold this position for a certain period of time.

  • Your intention is to work full time as company representative in UK.
  • You must be hired outside the UK by your company.
  • You intend to support yourself or your family financially.
  • The company head office must remain outside the UK.
  • You must possess excellent knowledge of your company’s operation and about business plans in UK.
  • A proof of experience of business expansion overseas must be shown.
  • If you wish to qualify for the settlement of 5 continuous years, you must not spend more than 6 months outside the UK to be qualified for it.
Family Members 

Your family members can join you to live with you in UK. They can also apply for settlement at the same time with you. For further details on spouse or family visa, please check our Family Visas services.

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