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Immigration Detention, Bail and Removal

Immigration Detention, Bail, Removal

Have you been detained as a suspect of visa violation, or caught for choosing illegal way to enter into UK or subjected to deport? Our lawyers can assist you. Our immigration lawyers are expert in Immigration detention, Immigration bail or removal. Our immigration lawyers will reach out to you instantly, you will be taken on the board after a quick case review. Soon after our detention specialist will deal with the home office on your behalf and do their best to release you from detention centre as soon as possible.

Immigration Detention It is a process where an individual can be detained as a suspect of unauthorized access to UK. The detained client will be kept into detention centre (not similar to prison). The home office then either deport the detained individual or keep in detention centre for a specified time period or allow them to be in UK on temporary basis. It varies case by case.

Immigration Bail – How an immigration lawyer can help?

Immigration lawyer can apply for bail for detained individual after a careful case inspection and assessment. Immigration bail is possible in except certain situations, such as detained individual has not broken any bail conditions or been charged for any criminal act.  For immigration bail you must have a proof of accommodation in UK. A successful bail does not exactly mean you are allowed to live in UK by law but temporary basis until your case is resolve.

Detention or Administration Removal

Detained individual can be removed from UK as per the decision of Home Office. Detention removal does not considered exactly as deportation, it is a legal process and normally been done against serious criminals who as per law considered as risky for public good.

How our immigration lawyers can help?

Our immigration lawyers are known as best immigration lawyers in London due to their dedication, commitment and many years expertise in Asylum and human rights cases. Our immigration solicitors do understand how disturbing the detention can be for you and your family, thus they do fight for your right and go through every possible solution to help you out. Our detained clients can rely on us does not matter how hard the issue is. A 24 hours emergency number would be provided, so you can be in contact with our dedicated detention caseworker who will ready to act for you round the clock.

Do you need any urgent help or advice regarding immigration detention, bail or removal? Contact our immigration team now or give us a call back, our team will reach to you at their earliest convenient.


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