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Asylum and Human Rights


Are you not able to return back to your country due to the fear of being hurt, abuse or killed. Are you seeking asylum protection or you have been in UK for long enough time and do not consider yourself living back in your country? Our accredited lawyers team can provide you the best solution. Seeking asylum is human right and based on this fact you can submit an application to the Home Office.

Asylum and human rights are related subjects, but there are important differences between them.

Human rights law is a broader field than asylum law. Asylum law covers a situation where somebody comes to the UK and claims that it would not be safe for them to return to their home country because they would be killed, tortured or severely mistreated because, for example, of their ethnicity, their gender, their sexual orientation, their religion or their politics. So for a strong claim for asylum the claimant needs to show, firstly, that they might be killed, tortured or severely mistreated in their home country and, secondly, that this would be because they fit into one of the relevant categories.

Although human rights law covers very similar subjects to those that asylum law covers it does not limit its protection to people in particular categories. So it follows that a person might not be able to make a strong claim for asylum because they do not fit into one of the relevant categories but they might nevertheless be able to make a strong claim under human rights law, because human rights law, similarly to asylum law, provides protection against killing, torture or severe mistreatment.

Human rights law, differently to asylum law, also provides protection in other areas. For example, it provides specific protection to family life.

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